Ultrasonic Technology

In 2011, Lithium Exploration Group invested in the development of an Ultrasonic Technology to assist in separating suspended solids from brine water.  The technology is based around a transportable ultra-sound reactor using patented technology.  The Ultrasonic Generator is housed in a standard 20 foot container, which is easy to transport by road, air, or water.

The Ultrasonic Generator can desalinate sea water at a rate of 25-35 cubic meters per hour.  The two discharge streams are distilled water and chemical grade salt. (Flow rates will vary depending on the salinity level of the input stream.)

The Ultrasonic Generator also has the ability to refine crude oil.  A single Ultrasonic Generator can refine crude oil into high quality gasoline, diesel or kerosene.  Flow rates for crude oil are 25 tons per day (approximately 150 barrels of oil per day).

The technology complements our activity in the disposal industry and, when it is ready for field testing, will be instrumental in the separation and extraction of lithium from produced water at our Valleyview Project.