Management Team

Alex Walsh – President
Mr. Walsh has been the CEO of Lithium Exploration Group since November 2011 and has been the visionary in building the overall strategy for Lithium Exploration Group. His background includes investment banking and consulting services to lower middle market private companies assisting them in strategic planning, capital markets activity via public and private investment, and building synergistic relationships for growth. His primary role at Alta Disposal is to manage the corporate infrastructure, to focus on the financing strategy, and make decisions on acquisitions and capital expenditures.

Lee Long – Vice President of Operations
Mr. Long has a varied background with 30 years of experience ranging from oilfield maintenance, operating, inspection, construction and consulting for various operators. His experience as a contract operator for large and small producers has given him experience in managing the beurocracy of some of the largest producers and managing the tight budgets for smaller producers. In his contract operating career Mr. Long worked for Penn West, Lario Oil & Gas, Arkoma, Midlake Oil and Gas, Amoco, Gulf, ConocoPhillips, Esso, Shell, Petro Canada, and many others. His wealth of experience is an invaluable asset to Alta Disposal and he will be a critical part of assisting each of the independent facilities in their management and future planning. He is well respected in the industry and gives Alta Disposal immediate credibility when working with prospective customers and potential acquisition targets.
Mr. Long will be the VP of Operations for Alta Disposal and his responsibilities will include managing the regulatory procedures, facility expansion plans, repair and maintenance, and operation budgeting to improve efficiencies and profitability of all operations.
Other background providing experience and knowledge is Mr. Long’s long term involvement with Fire and EMS with the Swan Hills Fire Dept. His time there included positions as firefighter, EMR, training officer, lieutenant, captain, deputy chief as well as a period as a local assistant to the fire commissioner.

William Duncan – Vice President of Sales
Mr. Duncan has over 18 years’ experience in marketing and business development. He has been instrumental as the liaison for investors and corporations in all aspects of the oil and gas industry providing strategic planning and connections to assist in revenue and profitability growth. His clients have ranged from a variety of environmental equipment and product manufacturers to oil and gas corporations and industry service companies.
Mr. Duncan’s connections to the oil and gas community in Western Canada have been instrumental in identifying acquisition targets as well as customers for Alta Disposal since its inception. He will be responsible for managing the acquisition strategy as well as garnering “approved vendor” status for Alta Disposal and its subsidiary facilities with all of the major operators in Calgary.